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Written by on December 21, 2021

Patriotic Front Chairman for Legal Affairs Brian Mundubile has dispelled rumors going round in some sections of society and on social media that there is disunity and friction within the Party.
Mr. Mundubile says there is not disunity in the PF and the party is preparing to go for a convention in June next year and all members of the party will be allowed to exercise their democratic rights to vote for leaders of their choice.
He adds that in any competition, it is expected to see opposing sides and there have been a lot of activities within the party by members trying to canvas votes for their preferred candidates and that does not amount to disunity within the party and this only attests that the party is still attractive seeing that many people would want to contest for presidency in the party.
Mr. Mundubile who is also Mporokoso Member of Parliament and PF Member of the Central Committee has disclosed that the party is still united.
Mr. Mundubile has further disclosed that on Sunday, the PF acting Secretary General called a consultative meeting with some Patriotic Front Presidential hopefuls to guide them on the pending party elections.
The PF is scheduled to elect a party president to take over from former Republican and Party President Edgar Lungu when he relinquishes the party post and it is not yet clear when former President Lungu will leave the party post.
PF Vice President Given Lubinda, former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, PF Chairman for Legal Affairs Brian Mundubile and former Ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba are some of the Party Presidential hopefuls.

By Luckson Mwale

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