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Written by on December 10, 2021

Opposition Socialist Party Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson and member of the Central Committee Faston Mwale says the looming increase in the price of petroleum products and electricity tariffs will impose considerable hardship on the already struggling households as people’s earning strategies are shaped by the two critical forms of energy.

Mr Mwale says government’s move to remove subsidies on all petroleum products and on electricity while on the other hand proposing to give mining Corporations tax concessions that would give a significant decrease tax revenues is a contradiction.

He says soaking your own people to pamper the lust of foreign capital is out of order adding that since 1991 when Zambia embraced neo-liberal economic system, the generic concept of three meals per day has become a myth to many households.

Mr Mwale argues that increasing the cost of fuel and electricity at the peak of the threat of Covid-19 crisis, denotes the insensitivity of the highest order to the citizens’ present socio-economic dilemma.

He says the United Party for National Development should have been truthful from the beginning about many issues yet the truth was directly hidden under the smokescreen of fake promises during the general election campaigns.

The Socialist Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson notes that the pace at which the new dawn government is negating its promises must task the imaginations of both leaders and the people being governed further questioning how long the cancer of betrayal will continue to haunt the nation.

By Raphael Mulenga

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