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Written by on December 7, 2021

Care for Nature Zambia has appealed to the Ministry of Mines to take interest in the mining activities taking place in Luapula Province and ensure that it regulates Manganese mining before the province is left with nothing but empty holes, high poverty levels and disease burdens.

Organization Executive Director Nsama Musonda Kearns observes that the mineral has continued to be exported to build economies of other countries while the place where it is taken from is hunger stricken.

She says the Manganese mining in Luapula has continued to be a nightmare and horror for communities living near mines saying Copperbelt and North-Western Province can point at some of developments out of mining but Luapula has continued to lag behind.

She says Manganese mining in Luapula has been a curse other than a blessing because despite numerous tones of the base metal leaving the Province on a daily basis, communities are being left with nothing but degraded land and dilapidated dusty roads that produce dust pollution worse than sulphur dioxide from a smelter.

Ms Kearns is worried that the huge open pits that are dug in the middle of villages are creating hazards for children and livestock as well as breeding grounds for Mosquitoes contributing to the already high rate of Malaria in the Province.

She is further disturbed that the transportation of Manganese is posing a big danger to the residents in places where the activities are conducted as young girls and women are now trading in sex with truck drivers to earn a living and increasing the rate of sexually transmitted infections.

By Raphael Mulenga

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