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Written by on November 18, 2021

United Party for National Development UPND member of the National management Committee and Chairman for Mines Percy Chanda has reminded the Opposition Patriotic Front PF that it is themselves that gave Police a tip-off that they were criminals amongst themselves.

And Mr Chanda has urged the PF to stop crying for being arrested by the Police over the wrongs they have committed saying their crimes were in public domain long before the party was voted out of office.

He says it is on record that at some point, former President Edgar Lungu told the nation that some of his ministers were corrupt and that out of 10 Bemba’s, six are corrupt.

Former PF Secretary General Davies Mwila is also on record of having warned his fellow members of the party that should they lose the August 12 general elections, they will go to jail.

He adds it is sad that criminals are always forgetful and that they are very bad when it comes to keeping secrets stressing that what is happening is a case of self-betrayal and that Police are merely acting on tip-offs from the PF itself.

He has stated that it is not Zambians that are calling for the removal of President Lungu’s immunity but Dr Chishimba Kambwili who made the proposal as he was the first person to accuse Mr Lungu of being too corrupt and a thief saying Zambians and the Police have no reason to what Dr Kambwili said because he was an insider and very close to the former Head of State.

By Raphael Mulenga

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