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CISCA demands an apology from Prof. Luo

Written by on May 20, 2021

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) has demanded that Prof. Nkandu Luo must apologize for her 2020 unconstitutional discriminatory and tribalistic remarks against the people of Southern Province at a campaign meeting in Luapula Province.

CiSCA Chairperson Judith Mulenga says, Prof. Luo needs to be accountable for her own thoughts, conscience and utterances as per the Constitution in Article 19 on freedom of thought conscience and religion, and Article 20 on freedom of expression.

Ms. Mulenga says the honour that has been bestowed on her by President Lungu requires the highest level of responsible leadership, constantly checking oneself and exercising restraint stressing when these qualities fail, promptly offering unreserved sincere apology to the injured persons is required.

She says it is not CiSCA’s intention to hold Prof. Luo to a much higher standard than her male counterparts but it is a recognition that her tribal remarks were such a gross violation of the Constitution that in a normal society such a record as a politician would have precluded her from ever holding such a high office that puts her a breath away from the Presidency of Zambia.

Ms. Mulenga observes, tribalism is discrimination and its manifestation as a means for political mobilization contravenes the national value and principle of non-discrimination as provided for in Article 8(d) of the Constitution saying Article 43(d) places the responsibility on every citizen to foster national unity and live in harmony with others while Articles 60 (2) (b) (c) requires that political parties have a national character and promote national unity.

She adds Article 60 (3) (a) prohibits any political party from engaging in propaganda based on ethnic and tribal extraction.

She says for someone whose aspired office requires upholding the Constitution Prof. Nkandu Luo’s public apology is now non-negotiable.

And CISCA has since congratulated President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for replacing his soon to retire Vice President with another female running mate.


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