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Written by on September 15, 2020

Alliance for  Democaracy and Development (ADD) says President Edgar Lungu’s address to parliament regarding corruption does not reflect the reality on the ground.

Speaking when he delivered his State of the Nation address to Parliament on Friday, President Edgar Lungu said that he will not shield anyone engaged in corruption.

But ADD President Charles Milupi says the statement by President Edgar Lungu is rhetorical because many ministers have been accused of corruption and President Lungu has shown signs of shielding them.

Mr Milupi has added that the President has  confidential information from the Anti Corruption Commission  including the FIC report and wondered why he has not relieved any of his ministers accused of corruption of their duties when it is clear that they are involved in corrupt activities which he said clearly shows that the president is not serious about fighting corruption.

 On 16 August, 2020 President Lungu accused the ACC of scheming to remove him from power by targeting his hard working ministers, while failing to investigate corruptly awarded government contracts.


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