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Written by on July 10, 2020

The Policy Monitoring and Research Centre PMRC has recommended the need to increase funding towards child nutrition and rehabilitation centres for children with disabilities.

PMRC Executive Director Bernadette Deka says the increase in funding could go towards expansion of rehabilitation centres, which are usually far especially in rural areas and that there is urgent need to employ more nutritionists and nurses that support children with disabilities in communities.

And the PMRC has urged the government to consider using the multi-sectoral approach in funding towards nutrition programmes and that individual budgetary allocations to ministries are unlikely to reinforce one another as resources are being spread thinly.

Ms Deka says the multi-sectoral approach will lead to nutrition-specific budgeting, reporting and tracking thereby realizing value for money of nutrition interventions.

She has further called for deliberate efforts towards nutrition education for mothers and caregivers of children with disabilities adding that one such path can be through the Social Cash Transfer Scheme, which deliberately targets households that have children with disabilities.

She adds that caregivers can be trained in food preparation and food requirements for children with disabilities in order to improve nutrition among them.

And the PMRC has urged the Government to consider formulating and implementing Social Protection Policy for persons living with disabilities.

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