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Written by on June 30, 2020

An energy expert has  bemoaned the high rate of bureaucracy in the Zambian energy sector.

Copperbelt University lecturer in the School of Engineering Brian Chirambo notes that it is easy to get a license from the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) though it does not necessarily give them the go-ahead to import or generate power.

Dr. Chirambo reveals that there are certain agreements such as the Power Purchase Agreement and the Transmission Agreement that players like ZESCO did put in place that make it difficult for other players to participate in the energy sector.

Dr. Chirambo says there are alot of barriers in the sector hence the need for the Government to not only issue licenses but also to clean up the process of investment in Zambia.

He points out that the Zambian energy market is ripe and ZESCO alone cannot meet the demand therefore, the market should be opened to allow other players especially Zambian players to participate actively.

Dr. Chirambo has also stated that the announcement by ZESCO that it will roll-out smart meters which will allow the utility company to remotely switch off some appliances in households as part of load management is a clear indication that of the company’s inability to manage the sector and an invasion of the privacy of the people.

He notes that there is a huge demand for power in the country and the solution is not to cut the demand but to increase the demand, adding that the $40 million can be used to fund other projects like solar energy.

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